The Basics of a Successful Journalism Applicant

Broadly speaking, here are the basics of what you’ll need for a successful application.

  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Over the years journalism students have had success using the functional resume format, which highlights your skills, and a professional LinkedIn profile. Visit the Career Tips Handout for more detailed advice on preparing your resume and profile.

  • Clips of Published or Broadcast work

Editors generally want to see published work to understand your abilities. If you don’t have any yet, work with the Collegian, WMUA, Amherst Wire, Rebirth Project, UVC, the PR Student Club or any other journalistic or PR-focused student organization to build your portfolio.

  • Multimedia and Social Media

Most employers today are looking for writing and reporting skills, as well as digital skills like basic CMS management on online platforms like WordPress, digital image editing programs like Photoshop, audio editing programs and the ability to shoot and edit video. They’re also looking for insights into how to professionally use and manage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If you have these skills, you will find an advantage in the workplace, and you should highlight them in your application.

  • References

Your courses offer great opportunities to start your network for the future. Go

beyond the usual and impress the teachers and your fellow students. Attend all your classes, and be a standout. Speak up and turn in good work – teachers love to provide good recommendations for outstanding students.

By Odessa Burkett
Odessa Burkett Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Odessa Burkett