SBS Peer Advising Interns talk about some of their favorite classes

It is almost course selection time for the Fall! We asked some of our Peer Advising Interns in the Pathways Center to talk about a few of the classes they have taken during their time at UMass that they would recommend to students who are interested in exploring their options.

Kerry Howard: Junior, Majors in Anthropology and Communication

I would recommend Human Origins and Variation for students curious about evolution. It’s a great introductory course to the field of anthropology for those who aren’t familiar and the lab component offers hands-on experience with bones!

Introduction to Film Studies is a Communication course that gives students the opportunity to not only learn about the film industry, but how movies are made, and the history of film. What makes this class fun is that every week there is a screening of a film that corresponds with the theme of that week. Films included “Black Panther’, “Do the Right Thing”, and “The Player”.


Angele Noel: Sophomore, Major in Political Science, pursuing a certificate in International Relations and a double minor in French and African American studies

I highly recommend the SBS College to Careers course for students who are interested in career exploration and professional development. If you need help fine-tuning your resume, establishing a polished linkedin profile, preparing for an interview, or networking then this course is for you! This class equips students with the skills necessary to transition into a professional environment, and will serve as an asset throughout one’s professional life. Additionally, the classroom setting alleviates much of the stress associated with career exploration and professional etiquette.


Jillian Stone: Sophomore, Majors in Communication and Journalism with a PR Concentration

I would recommend the Journalism 235: Introduction Public Relations to any students exploring potential majors related to the communication or business fields. This class, taught by a professor who has real-life PR experience, provides students with a general overview of the field as well as what it takes to have a successful career in it. You learn about all the industries you can work for like fashion or sports, while gaining some insight into the writing and teamwork skills needed in PR.

By SBS Peer Advising Interns
SBS Peer Advising Interns