Ella Reed ’21 Reflects on Her Time Triple-Majoring at CHC

By McKenna Premus

Ella Reed ’21 jumped right into her academic studies when she first came to the University of Massachusetts. Now with only weeks left until her graduation, Reed reflects on her time as an Honors student and an anthropology, Spanish, and biology triple major.

During her freshman year, Reed became involved in a biology research lab. While she valued the experience, especially so early in her college career, she realized that she did not want to pursue biology beyond her academic studies and began to explore other fields.

“I added Spanish, and then halfway through my college career added anthropology and found that that’s where my true passions lie,” Reed said.

While each of her majors are focused in three disparate fields, she sees one major as being the common denominator: “I think that biology and Spanish both sort of converge into anthropology.”

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By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Adrian Grace