Registration Planning?

Before we move into Spring 2022 Registration, please take a moment to check your Spire Student Center.

You’ll find these important boxes on the right side of the page:

  • Holds – Look here to see if you need to complete important tasks before you are allowed to register (these include meeting with an academic advisor, paying your Bursar bill, completing NSO requirements like the Health Education Hold (HEH) or Your Intervention Strategies (YIS), and more)
  • To Do List – Some students with financial need are finding a Financial Aid COVID award. You’ll need to accept the award to receive those funds. You might also be asked to set up Excess Express, a service where UMass is able to transfer excess money directly to your bank account. (If you don’t, paper checks are mailed.) Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.
  • Enrollment Dates – Your “Enrollment Appointment” is the time when Spire opens for you to register. Be sure to select the hyperlink for Spring 2022 so that you also see the time your registration access begins. You do not need to be with an Academic Advisor at that moment in time. It’s a good idea to seek advising support before your Spire registration access begins.

Questions? The final box in the right hand column lists your primary advisor, any secondary advisor, and more. For SBS students, the SBS Pathways Center in 128 Thompson Hall is also a good place to go if you need support.

By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Adrian Grace