What’s a “Rotational” or “Management Development” Program?

If you are a senior and you still don’t know what kind of job you want or would be good at, a rotational or management development program might be just what you need! We’re in the thick of the recruiting season for rotational programs, so get your resume reviewed and ready!

A lot of companies want you to find your best fit within their workplace.  By offering a rotational program, new grads get to try out different divisions within the company, for example spending 4-6 months in a division before moving to another one, and then another one, over the course of a couple of years.  This gives you the opportunity to try out different areas of the company to see what you like, and it gives the company the opportunity to see where you skill set will be best used.

Here are some examples of currently posted rotational program models:

Jane Street Rotational Development Program (Infrastructure): During the initial program, you’ll spend your first year rotating through 3-5 Infrastructure subgroups—including Compliance, Finance, Operations, Risk, and more—before being placed in a home group that matches your interests and our needs.

WeWork People Team Rotational Program Associate: This 18-month program affords participants the opportunity to engage in rewarding rotations in our People Operations, Talent Acquisition, and Learning functions.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Rotational Analyst Markets Group Chicago: The Rotational Analyst (RA) program is an entry-level analyst program designed to offer a learning experience through the completion of three, one-year long rotations. RAs may experience working on staff units within any of the following directorates: Capital Markets, Central Bank and International Account Services, Cross-Market Monitoring and Analysis, Discount Window and Collateral Valuation, International Markets, Money Markets, Treasury Auctions, or Treasury Markets.

BookBub Rotational Program (Product, Marketing, Analytics): Our rotational program is a unique year-long opportunity for curious, analytically-minded, and empathetic entry-level candidates to jump into the world of consumer tech and explore their career interests by experiencing full-time roles on two or three different business teams (some combination of product managementmarketing, and analytics)

This is just a sampling of the hundreds of rotational programs currently posted in Handshake.  Deadlines are coming, some sooner than others, so make sure you have your resume reviewed in the Pathways Center before you submit!  Our peers are available on a drop-in basis M-Th from 10-4 pm, or you can schedule an appointment with one of your career advisors through Handshake.  Think your resume is really ready to go?  You can email it to us at sbscareers@umass.edu.  If it is close, we can give you feedback via email.  Otherwise, we’ll ask you to come in, so please only email us your resume if you think it’s ready!

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences