Customize Your SBS Pathways Weekly Email Content!

Every Wednesday at around 11:00 am, you receive a newsy email from the SBS Pathways Center!  It contains information on upcoming events, jobs and internships, articles of interest, student stories, etc.

YOU have the ability to curate the content that comes to you in this weekly email!  To do so, log in to the SBS Pathways website , using your UMass login info, then click on your name or avatar, and select Preferences from the drop down list.  Here, you will find lists of content areas, such as blog content, career communities, event topics, and more.  Your major is already assigned to you.  Select the items you are most interested in, and click Update Preferences at the bottom.  Now – the info that comes to you each Wednesday will be focused on your interests!  All the info you want, and none of the stuff you don’t.  Easy peasy!  You can always go back and change/refine it later.

It only takes a minute – take that minute to make your SBS Pathway newsletter work for you!

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences