Good news for college seniors: The job market is booming – NPR Morning Edition

College graduates are entering a hot labor market with national data showing employers are significantly boosting recruitment. Many seniors are accepting job offers months before they graduate.


All right. Just about to graduate from college and looking for a job? Actually great timing. The growing competition for graduates is allowing for earlier job offers, higher starting wages and more control during the hiring process. Rich Kremer from Wisconsin Public Radio reports.

KREMER: A spring survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows businesses planning to boost college grad recruitment by more than 30% this year. That’s the sharpest year-to-year increase in at least a decade.

JOSHUA KAHN: This is an even hotter period for recruiters than they thought it was going to be in the fall.

KREMER: Josh Kahn is assistant director of research for the group. He says recruiters are keenly aware of increasing competition for college grads. Their average starting salary is projected to top $50,000.

KAHN: They know that they need to make good offers. They know that they need to raise wages and benefits to make attractive offers, competitive offers.

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By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences