Tips for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner!! It is a great opportunity to give your mind and spirit a well deserved reprieve from the grind of the semester. It’s a great opportunity to rest, regroup, and begin your preparation for finals. Avoid a holiday slump by not allowing yourself to get knocked off your rhythm to learn and study. We’d like to offer you some tips to avoid getting sidetracked right before finals.

1. Set realistic expectations

Setting lofty study goals can be a recipe for disaster during a break. Instead, set a reasonable amount of time to complete your assignments without ruining your break. You can also divide your assignments into smaller tasks, which you tackle one day at a time. This way, you would avoid getting overwhelmed or, worse, annoyed by how much is on your plate.

2. Create a to-do list

Create a daily to-do list to keep yourself motivated. Decide on a task or amount of time you want to dedicate to each course or lecture. Whether it’s completing five online reading assignments or spending ten minutes reviewing your notes, having a concrete goal will help you stay productive.

3. Plan to study early (or late…)

One way to efficiently use your time is to rise early and get a few hours of studying in before the rest of the household wakes up. This is a good strategy, especially when out-of-town friends or family are visiting. Maybe it’s possible to study for an hour after everyone retires for the evening and goes to bed.

4. Pace yourself

The most important thing to remember is be consistent. It is important to have fun and spend time with family, but you’ll want to avoid late night cramming sessions. Even if you can only find half an hour every day, maintain a consistent schedule to help keep material fresh and facilitate the transition back to a fuller class load.

5. Study for finals

The break is the perfect time to go over the notes from the beginning of the semester. Even a twenty-minute study session each day can help refresh your memory and help you be more prepared for when you return to school.


*Rejuvenate: Take some personal time

Forget about school for a few hours and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and all the related festivities. Go for a walk. Go see a movie with family and friends. Do something you really like to do. This will rejuvenate you for the rest of the semester when the time comes to study for final exams.

*Be your own advocate

Once you set a study schedule, let your family and friends know about your obligations. By telling those around you about your plans for maintaining your productivity, they can not only honor that time but encourage it if they notice you are falling behind.

By Koni Denham
Koni Denham Director of Student Success - SBS