Ten Things You Can Do Over Break to Make Progress on Your Internship or Job Search

Winter break is a great time to wind down, take a breather, and decompress after a long, tough semester.  And we can all use all of that this year!

If you are still looking for an internship for the summer, or figuring out what you will do after graduation, break is also a great time to work on that, without the busyness of the semester and classes.
Here are ten things you can do over break to move yourself forward on your SBS Career Pathway.

  1. Take one of our Self-Assessments to get a better understanding of your interests, values, and strengths.
  2. Create a Linkedin profile. Linkedin is not just a vital tool in your job search, but you can access all the great, FREE Linkedin Learning classes that are available to you through UMass.  You can learn the technical skills that employers are looking for that you may not be getting in your classes.  Things like how to use Adobe InDesign, or Excel, or Tableau, or the ins-and-outs of Project Management, or Financial Modeling, or how to be successful in Sales.  There are hundreds of short trainings available to you that will boost your attractiveness to employers.  All for free, but you have to have a Linkedin account to access them.
  3. Use our guide and samples to create a resume, or improve the one you have.  HOT TIP – NO TEMPLATES ALLOWED
  4. Do an informational interview with someone who’s work is interesting to you
  5. Explore Career Communities, and follow the ones you are interested in.
  6. Complete your Handshake profile, and start looking for internships and jobs.  You already have an account.  Log in with your UMass ID.
  7. Participate in our SBS Winter Break Skill Building Program.  You have until Jan. 6th to register for this self-guided program for gaining skills like project management, professional communication, data and analysis, and career confidence.
  8. Make an account on Connect UMass.  There, you can search for alumni who are interested in helping you through informational interviewing, offering advice about different careers, and more.
  9. Learn how to use Linkedin to your advantage.
  10. Congratulate yourself on the progress you’ve made so far, even if it feels like baby steps.  Every step forward is a step in the right direction, and every step is a learning opportunity.  Reflect on your experiences of the past semester.  What went well, what didn’t?  What did you enjoy, what didn’t you care for?  What were you successful at?  And use these answers to guide you in the spring.


By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences