Fall Employer Recruiting Starts This Month

Whether you are a senior preparing for the job search, or a student thinking ahead to summer internships, please review the recruiting timeline below for the timelines of the different industries.

The corporate sector tends to do bulk of their hiring for both internships and full-time summer-start jobs starting now, and continuing into October. This means that if you are interested in:

Banking and finance
Large Retail

and any global type of company, now is the time to pay attention. Positions are posted in Handshake, companies will be on campus holding information sessions, career fairs begin later this month (you can register now and start to prepare (Isenberg fair is open to all students). Meet with one of your career advisors to get your resume reviewed. If your resume doesn’t use the formatting of one of these samples, it will not serve you well. This is what recruiters say they want to see. Do not use a template!

See the timeline below for the different industry hiring timelines. And remember, knowledge is power. Come see a career advisor, create a strategy for your search, and feel confident about what is ahead. You’ve got this!

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences