Why take SOC BEHAV 250: College to Careers?

Earn Credit & De-Stress Your Career Planning!

  • Learn: How To Get Internships And Jobs
  • Build: Your Network
  • Create: a Polished Resume, Cover letter & LinkedIn Profile
  • Get: Expert Advice in a Student-Friendly Setting

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What past students have said:
“I felt comfortable enough with myself and my goals to apply for an internship this semester, and I received the position!”
“I had no idea how to start a resume, I did not know what a cover letter was, and I had only heard of LinkedIn a handful of times. I was nervous to even attempt any of these things because I really did not want to mess up.  You taught me how to construct a resume, build a cover letter and LinkedIn, draft an elevator pitch, network and build my professional skills more than I ever could have on my own.”
“I have developed personally and professionally. This course taught me professional etiquette, which was very educational. In addition, I appreciate how you provided realistic examples of a resume, recommendation request, and cover letter. I often experienced anxiety when it came to practicing professionalism and how to best apply for a job/internship because I did not know much about the formal conventions of it before this course. Thank you for showing me.”
By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences