You’ve done your research, and now you’re ready to apply to law school. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but once you are more familiar with it, you’ll see that it’s really pretty straightforward. These resources are designed to smooth the way for you.

Start below with the overview, checklist, and the timeline to situate yourself, and then explore the resources specific to each aspect of your application.

And never hesitate to contact the Pre-Law Advising Office with any questions, big or small.


Act like you’re being watched — because you are

Every time I speak with a group of law school admissions folks, I’m reminded just how much information they are gathering about you. You’re no doubt planning to make your application package as convincing and respectable as possible. You may …

By Diane Curtis
Diane Curtis Pre-Law Advisor & Senior Lecturer
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LSAT Score Preview: Is it worth the cost?

In July 2020, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) announced a new “score preview” service. Beginning with the September 2022 test, all test takers (not just first-time test takers) are now allowed to see their scores before deciding whether to …

By Diane Curtis
Diane Curtis Pre-Law Advisor & Senior Lecturer
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Why you should make time for visiting law school reps

I know what you’re thinking when you see that event listing for another visit from a law school admissions rep:

“I’m not really interested in that school.”

Or maybe, “I already visited the law school, so why do I need …

By Diane Curtis
Diane Curtis Pre-Law Advisor & Senior Lecturer
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Pre-Law Resources

Overview: Applying to Law School

The law school application process should ideally begin about a year and a half before you intend to start law …

Law School Application Check List

The Check List for Fall 2025 Admission is organized topically. Click here to get the same list organized chronologically. Go …

Law School Application Time Line

This recommended Time Line for Fall 2025 admission assumes that you will complete and submit your applications by Thanksgiving-ish 2024.

Law school applications: Fee waivers

LSAC will grant fee waivers to applicants with demonstrated financial need. Comprehensive information regarding the fee waiver application process can …

Add Yourself to the Pre-Law Advising Mailing List

The best way to keep up to date on all things pre-law (besides visiting this site often!) is to sign …

Law school applications: How can the Pre-Law Advising Office help?

The UMass Pre-Law Advising Office can help you explore legal careers, apply to law school, and even help you manage …