Economics is the study of human energy – how we organize our efforts to get what we want. Market exchange plays a central role in this process, but processes of conflict and coordination that take place outside of markets are also important. Economics contains two broad sub-disciplines: microeconomics analyzes the individual behavior of households, business firms, and governmental entities; while macroeconomics focuses upon aggregate economic performance of nations and their interdependencies in the global economy.

Undergraduate program options include a Bachelor’s degree, a minor, and multiple certificates.

SBS is seeking AFP Diversity Fellows

The Academic Fellows Program (AFP) is currently recruiting students who would be interested in serving as an AFP Diversity Fellow peer leader through the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS). This is a year-long internship position that earns one credit each semester.


By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Adrian Grace
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IPO Summer 2021 Programming

Please join us for the programs below and share widely among your staff, students, and social media networks. This is a  list of virtual programs that Ms. Pamela Dutta, Associate Director,  will be hosting this summer for the UMass international …
By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Adrian Grace
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2021 SBS in DC cohort member Lizette writes about her experience in the first week in DC

Every summer, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst sends a cohort of about twenty students to Washington DC for an internship experience filled with opportunities for professional and personal development. I’m part …

By Anne Lizette Sta Maria
Anne Lizette Sta Maria
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Research Opportunities

The Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) at UMass helps students (and alumni who are not currently in grad school) …

The CHC provides a diverse community of academically talented students at UMass Amherst with extensive opportunities for analysis, research, professional …

The Department of Economics has instituted a program of undergraduate research assistantships in which current students majoring in economics work …

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