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Sharing knowledge, developing understanding, exploring social theories and norms and helping others comprehend it are just some of the skills encompassed in the work done by people interested in this community. Whether in classrooms, museums, field sites, performance spaces, laboratories, think tanks, the comfort of home or online, these types of jobs go beyond geographical and physical boundaries.

Virtual Student Federal Services Internships – Apply Now!

The Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) is a nine-month remote internship (10 hours/week) for U.S. citizen students, college-level and above, who would like to make a real difference in the work of the U.S. government. Since 2009, thousands of eInterns …

By Odessa Burkett
Odessa Burkett Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Odessa Burkett
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Learn more about our SBS in DC interns, and follow their summer adventures on Instagram!

Check it out, here.

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Carol Sharick
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New To Project Management? Here Are 50 Terms You Should Know (From the Trello blog)

Project management is a skill that is valuable in every career path, in every industry. 

Learn more about what project management is, and start learning the lingo, as well as parts of the project management process, and how things fit …

By Sam Milbrath
Sam Milbrath
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Relevant Courses

ANTHRO 104 – Culture, Society and People

ANTHRO 104 – Culture, Society and People: The nature of culture and its role in creating forms of social, economic,…

ECON 397 – Education and Economics: 

ECON 397 – Education and Economics: This course will examine contemporary issues in U.S. education through the use of economic theory…

SOCIOL 322 – Sociology of Education

SOCIOL 322 – Sociology of Education: Sociological perspectives on educational issues; social class differences in school achievement, the crisis in educational…

SUSTCOMM 205 – Dynamics of Human Habitation

SUSTCOMM 205 – Dynamics of Human Habitation: How the built environment is shaped by humans. The forces that go into developing…

JOURNALISM 333 – Introduction to Visual Storytelling

JOURNALISM 333 – Introduction to Visual Storytelling:  introductory level course for students who wish to acquire a working knowledge of…

COMM 260 – Public Speaking

COMM 260 – Public Speaking: Practical communication in one-to-group contexts. Theoretical bases for structuring and presenting public speeches.

COMM 320 – Culture, Communication & Social Identities

COMM 320 – Culture, Communication & Social Identities: Explore ways in which everyday communicative practices and culture are intertwined, and the…

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