Take your learning outside the classroom with experiential opportunities that bring your studies to life – like study abroad or domestic exchange, working as a research or teaching assistant, civic engagement and service learning courses, and doing a thesis or other capstone work. Don’t think of these as “extras.” They’re an integral part of your education – promoting personal growth and academic success – and they need not cost more than you pay for tuition.

What Is an Internship (and Why Should I Do One)?

There’s a buzz around internships for good reason. Internships boost your chances of getting hired, build job skills, and show you what you might want (or not want) from a job. Yet finding and applying for an internship isn’t easy …

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Call for Applications: Maureen and Mike Mansfield Women’s Trilateral Youth Empowerment Program

The Trilateral Youth Empowerment Program, as part of the Maureen Mansfield Women’s Empowerment Series, aims to build more inclusive democracies in Japan, the Republic of Korea (ROK), and the United States (U.S.). by amplifying youth voices in the policy decision-making …

By Felicia Griffin-Fennell
Felicia Griffin-Fennell Director of the SBS RISE Program & Lecturer in Sociology
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Peer Advising Intern Greta Luf: “Try something outside of your comfort zone”

Freshman year is typically a rough year. You are navigating new territory, new course loads, and new friends in a shoebox of a room and a cityscape of a campus. It is an overwhelming collective of activities, lectures, and events …

By Greta Luf
Greta Luf
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