Fourth Year

Job Searching 101: Where Do You Start?

Whether you’re a current student, an early career professional, or just someone looking for their next job opportunity, a question you might be asking yourself is, “Where do I start the job-hunting process?”.

With so many different avenues and ways …

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Faculty Spotlight: How Faculty Office Hours Support Your Academic Aspirations

The biggest misperception about faculty office hours is that you have to be struggling with the class to meet with your professor outside of class. This could not be further from the truth. You can take advantage of faculty office …

By Koni Denham
Koni Denham Director of Student Success - SBS
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Why I Chose to Major in Legal Studies & Political Science

By Xavier Aparico, February 22, 2023

Almost everyone has some type of story or motivation of why they chose their major. Whether it be due to basic interest, future prospects, or pursuing their passions. With the multitude of options, I …

By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Director of Undergraduate Advising
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