While UMass’ Stonewall Center is a central source of support for many students identifying as LGBTQIA+, SBS is also part of the campus network of care. Information about resources, experiences, and opportunities can be found below.

Moving Beyond the Binary: Understanding Career-Related Issues and Concerns of Trans Students

Important article in the NACE Journal, informed by UMass’s own Genny Beemyn, Director of the Stonewall Center.

Topics covered include issues impacting career decision making among the trans student population, including choice making around employer culture, legal protections, pronouns in …

By Sandra Buatti-Ramos
Sandra Buatti-Ramos
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Dr. Genny Beemyn Discusses Gender Diversity and Allyship

Dr. Genny Beemyn Discusses Gender Diversity and Allyship

By UMass Office of Equity and Inclusion

Welcome to the Dignity and Respect in Action podcast. This series is brought to you by the UMass Office of Equity and Inclusion, and features …
By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Director of Undergraduate Advising
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Defined Residential Communities (DRCs) are communities in residence halls where students can live with hall mates who share similar interests, …

LGBTQIA+ College Groups in the surrounding area: Amherst College, Hampshire College, Holyoke Community College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Springfield …

The guide contains information about therapists, physicians and nurse practitioners, electrologists and laser hair removal professionals, cosmetologists, and attorneys which …

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