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Learning Data Analytics: 1 Foundations

Are you interested in pursuing a career in data analytics? In this course, instructor Robin Hunt brings you into the mind of an analyst. She defines and explains foundational concepts, such as how to think about data, how to work with others in different roles to get the data you need, and the tools you need to work with data, such as Excel and Microsoft Access. She introduces you to SQL queries, PowerBI, and more. Robin goes into syntax and explains how to interpret the data you see, find the data you need, and clean the data for effective data work. She explains data governance and how to ask the right questions of different departments to gather the data you need. Robin shows how to work with data, including how to import data, work with flat files such as CSVs, and create datasets for others. Robin goes into what cleaning and modeling mean, as well as how to use Power Query in Excel. She has also added challenge/solution sets in each chapter to help you evaluate your skills.

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