Study Abroad in South Africa – On haitus until summer 2023

Location: South Africa Experience Type: Signature Programs

The UMass College of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS) and the International Programs Office are pleased to announce the 2020 UMass Amherst SBS in Cape Town program. This four-week program will earn you six UMass Amherst credits for the courses that are being offered.


Information on the required course can be found below. Please contact IPO advisor — Michael Romero — for further information.

Community Development in Context (3 credits)

The course will provide an understanding of poverty, theories of development, principles that underpin development programs, and various approaches to addressing poverty. The course also focuses on community development, which is an integral part of the South African developmental system. Community development has been adopted by various public sectors and private sector entities as an approach, philosophy, process, method, and strategy to address basic material, physical- and psycho-social needs of poor and vulnerable communities. Community development is cross-cutting and implementation is often challenged by a variety of policies and programs that are not coherent, integrated, or coordinated, and this impacts service delivery.

This course includes a service-learning component.

Self, Society, and Interpersonal Relations (Sociology 105; 4 credits)

Introduction to sociology and social psychology. Topics reviewed include social perception, socialization, concepts of self, personal and gender ideSB)

Living Arrangements

UCT’s well-equipped campuses and residences provide excellent living and learning environments in beautiful surroundings on the slopes of Devil’s Peak and elsewhere on the Cape Peninsula. They provide ideal facilities for students. Students will be housed in residence hall accommodations. Each student on the program will have a single, private room with en-suite bathroom and kitchenette. Facilities include a gym, cooking facilities, wifi, and outdoor area. Meals are not included; students are encouraged to make use of kitchenettes to prepare meals.


You may use financial aid for summer study abroad. Pell Grant recipients can access Pell funds for the summer, and should plan on applying to the Gilman Scholarship for the Summer as well. In addition, you can apply for Study Abroad Awards offered by SBS.

University Sponsor

University of Cape Town

UCT receives many visitors from around the world each year. Delegations from universities, government agencies, research institutions and other organisations visit the university in order to cement existing relationships and establish new ones.

UCT encourages these visits and considers hosting visitors as an excellent way of building meaningful and productive relationships.