John Bronenkant’18, Landscape Architecture

John began his professional career as a Landscape Designer at Greylock Design Associates, where he assisted
with the conceptual planning and design for a wide range of projects, ranging from small residences to a complex 200-acre masterplan and site design of a resort and
spa. There, he managed the construction of projects and met with clients and contractors to discuss projects and develop innovative solutions to design challenges.
During that time, he worked under a Landscape Architect pursuing the requirements to meet his Landscape Architect licensure.  More recent, John became a level II Landscape Architect at CDM Smith, a large engineering firm, in the Boston area.

John says enrolling in the Landscape Architecture program at UMass Amherst was one of the best decisions he ever
made. The program is not just a department of passionate educators, but a community that fosters the
development and creativity of each student. He developed the skills and abilities to use his degree to its fullest
potential, and had the opportunity to develop a network of like-minded professionals who have been more
than helpful in getting my career started – from sharing their experiences to reviewing my work. The knowledge
he gained, and the insights and experiences he gathered at UMass Amherst will stick with him as he continues to
grow as a professional.

While at UMass, John:
• Was a Research Assistant for two summers and one academic year
• Worked in the Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning department office for a year and a half