Zach is currently working as an immigration analyst at a law firm in San Francisco. His job consists of guiding people through the immigrant visa process to establish permanent residency in the United States. His anthropology education has helped him to better understand and address the needs of people navigating the complex citizenship process across different experiences, cultural practices, and communication styles. Zach is also increasingly involved with activism around food sovereignty, combining his passions for the anthropology of food and community well-being. Moving forward, he intends to leave law and enroll in graduate school to continue his education.

“Anthropology provided me with tools to critically analyze the world. In that process, I learned a significant amount about myself and the kind of person I aspire to be. As we develop deeper understandings of ourselves, it leads to community-building, solidarity, and conscious change. I love the people and the relationships I formed throughout my time studying anthropology. More than anything, I am grateful to anthro for developing my understanding of community and the impact it can have on the world.”

Work Experience
  • Senior Business Immigration Analyst
  • Fragomen
San Francisco, CA
Anthropology, Law / Legal Services / Criminology / Forensics, Non-Profit / Social Justice / Activism