Pre-Law: Developing strong writing skills

Strong writing skills are essential for success in law school and as a lawyer. You should make sure that you take at least a few classes in which you will get honest, detailed feedback on your writing. Seek out courses, in addition to your junior writing requirement, where you will be expected to write several papers.

Don’t put this off until your junior or senior year—good writing skills will serve you well regardless of whether you ultimately go to law school, and developing those skills should be a priority throughout your undergraduate career.

If your major is in the sciences, the performing arts, or business, it is especially important that you take additional courses in which you will get the opportunity to write analytical research papers.  Law schools will otherwise assume that you have not had much experience with such writing and question your skills. In addition to your professors, you should seek out the assistance of the Writing Center, where you can get one-on-one help with specific writing projects.

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