Managing Pre-Law Stress: Finding a Healthy Outlet

Both your brain and your body need to take a break from the work of your law school applications — bingeing episodes, surfing the internet, and scrolling through social media posts can only get you so far (and sitting on the couch doesn’t exactly switch gears for your body). There are so many healthy ways to refresh yourself, and you’ll have to find what works for you. Many of you have probably already developed a great habit of working out. I’ve also heard from many students that playing music or painting help them relax and refresh.

One option not often considered by many attorneys (or attorney wannabes) is meditation. Northampton’s Center for Contemplative Mind Society has archived its former lawyer program resources, and you can access them for free. Mindfulness practices have really taken off for lawyers and legal professionals, and a simple google search will lead you to many more resources.

And of course, for many people, simply socializing with friends can provide the outlet you need to recharge yourself. Maybe even think about unplugging when you do so—it never hurts to get away from all the screens for a while.

Whatever you do, make sure you do it.  Plan for it in your weekly schedule. Very soon, in law school and as a lawyer, your time will be booked beyond what you can likely imagine right now, especially if you start a family. Building the habits of balance and healthy breaks now will serve you well into the future.

Other resources for managing stress