Law school applications: How can the Pre-Law Advising Office help?

The UMass Pre-Law Advising Office can help you explore legal careers, apply to law school, and even help you manage the stress of doing so.

If you’re a UMass Amherst student or alum and you haven’t found the answers you need on these pages, please email the pre-law advisor for one-on-one assistance or to make an appointment. The Office is available to alumni on the same basis as current students, and Zoom or phone appointments are available for those no longer in the Amherst area.

In particular, we can

Additional sources of help and information from the UMass Pre-Law Advising Office

The email list
: This is only for UMass Amherst students and alums, and is primarily for current students and current applicants. During the school year, I send out weekly updates about upcoming events, opportunities, and deadlines.

The Pre-Law Featured Articles are regularly updated with information about the legal profession, legal careers, and legal education, as well as with tips and deadlines regarding law school applications.

Instagram (and to a lesser extent, Twitter, and almost never anymore, Facebook): Regularly updated with event announcements, application tips, alumni updates, and more (including fee waiver offers, shared links from other pages, and the like).

The UMass Lawyer-Alumni and Pre-Law Network on LinkedInNetworking made easy.  Find out more here.

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