Overview: Applying to Law School

The law school application process should ideally begin about a year and a half before you intend to start law school.  At that time, you’d want to think about whether to take the LSAT or GRE, when to take it, and how to prepare, who you’ll ask for letters of recommendation, and where you might want to apply.  This forethought will help ensure you’re well positioned to submit your applications by around Thanksgiving.

Other elements of your application include your transcript(s), personal statement, additional essay(s) and addenda, resume and the application forms themselves (all completed online through LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service).  Finally, in January, you’ll begin submitting financial aid applications.

The Application Timeline can give you a more detailed sense of when each of these elements should be completed. The Application Checklist is a handy, topically organized, reference guide to the process.

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