Time on your hands this summer? Try our Virtual Job Simulations and build valuable skills employers are seeking.

If you’ve got time this summer and are getting bored, check out our Forage Virtual Job Simulations. Real-world well known companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, lululemon, BCG, and RedBull, just to name a few, have created opportunities for you to try out a “day in the life” project in a wide variety of areas and industries. UMass Amherst won a 2023 Top University award from Forage, based in large part on our SBS Winter Skill Building Program.

Check out our modules on Project Management, Professional Communication, Data & Analytics, and Career Confidence, and get started building up your skill set and your resume. We’ve curated these collections for you. Want to learn about different industries or try out different types of jobs? Check out our Career Communities pages, which have curated collections based on the specific career community you are exploring. In addition, Forage has hundreds of opportunities for you, and they are free for our students. Log in with your UMass email and get started today!

When you complete a simulation, you will get information on how to add that simulation to your resume and to your Linkedin account. You may also get extra credit with the company that hosted the simulation, if you then apply for a role there. It’s a great way to explore / try something out, build skills (and your resume), and move forward with your job/internship search.

Please note: these Forage job simulations are self-guided, and we cannot answer questions about how to proceed if you get stuck in a task. Employers want to see your problem solving skills at work, so do what you can with the information you get. In many cases, you will have the opportunity to go back and re-work the problem. Simulations are not used by employers in an evaluative way. They can only see that you have completed it. They will not see your work. So do your best, take risks, and go for it!

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences