Petition for Late Pass/Fail (SBS)

This petition is for students who are requesting a change to elective P/F grading after the deadline has passed. Late P/F are approved at the discretion of an academic dean (see below for criteria). The deadline for an elective Pass/Fail is set by University regulations and exceptions are extremely rare.

1. Complete the form below.
2. Email any supporting documentation to In the subject line, please write “Documentation for late P/F request.”
3. Call our office (413-577-1057) to schedule an appointment to discuss your petition with one of the SBS Academic Deans. If no one picks up, please be sure to leave a message that includes your name, phone number, and SPIRE ID number along with the reason you are calling.

The following do not constitute grounds for a late elective pass / fail:

• Concern over academic performance in the class, effect on GPA, and prospects for acceptance to other institutions such as law school, medical school, etc.
• The course is not being taken to fulfill any specific requirement(s)
• Medical or family emergency (a late withdrawal may be possible)
• Instructor support for the request
• Change of major
• Lack of awareness of the deadline
• No previous history of utilizing the elective pass/fail option
NOTE: We will not consider petitions for late P/F for classes in which the student has earned a grade of C- or higher.

Student Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY
You are required to meet with one of our Academic Deans in most cases to discuss this petition. Please indicate a few days/times that you will be available for an appointment. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment once your petition is received. Please reach out immediately if the appointment you are provided does not work for you and an alternate will be found.

Course Information

The following may constitute grounds for a late pass / fail. Verification is required.

• Registration error, such as mis-keying of class schedule number (verifiable by Dean through student enrollment history)
• Rejection of attempt by SPIRE due to presence of mandatory P/F course on student schedule (verifiable by Dean through student enrollment history)
• Departmental or instructor error if course was added to student schedule by department or instructor (department or instructor verification required)
• Academic Mis-advising (verification required)
Please provide an explanation for requesting a late Pass / Fail.