Advertising / Public Relations / Marketing

If you are interested in a fast paced, dynamic, hard-working, demanding, interesting, occasionally glamorous, and challenging career, and if helping shape the way people think about issues, products, outcomes, and experiences is interesting to you, then this community might be a good place to start exploring.

Professionals in these fields come from a diverse background of skills and education, which makes this an excellent option for SBS majors to pursue.  Whether you are working for a firm, a brand, a candidate, or an organization, there are lots of opportunities to help shape public opinion waiting for you.

Welcome to the Advertising / Public Relations / Marketing Community

Advertising/Marketing/PR are attractive fields for creative and analytical thinkers who thrive in a fast paced, dynamic environment. People in this field have a way with words, images, people and strategy. Understanding why people do what they do, and how they are influenced, is important here, and a perfect fit for students in SBS.  The possibilities for a career in marketing are also vast. You could be doing anything from planning advertising campaigns, overseeing creative layouts, working with clients to help build a marketing strategy, or providing in-depth market research and analysis to a team of creatives.

Students interested in Public Relations may want to explore the PR Concentration in our Journalism department.  Learn more here.

Depending on your main area of interest, your academic pathway will shift. To explore this field, you can take courses that will provide you with knowledge and skills in:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Cultural awareness
  • Visual storytelling
  • Data collection and data analysis
  • Design & design concepts
  • Campaign management
  • Research methodologies
  • Creative and technical writing

Below are a few examples of relevant courses, but we urge you to talk to your major/departmental advisor and explore available courses in SPIRE. Remember not to constrain yourself to classes within your major.

Check SPIRE for full course descriptions and availability. These are abbreviated descriptions, and details may change at the discretion of the instructor.  Courses may not be offered every semester.

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Explore Outcomes

The SBS Office of Career & Professional Development annually surveys graduating seniors in order to provide a snapshot of their post-graduation plans.  The survey begins just prior to graduation, and continues until six months after graduation.  Our data collection process is guided by the industry standard put forth by the National Association of Colleges & Employers, and includes information collected by the SBS Office of Career & Professional Development, the Office of Institutional Research at UMass Amherst, and by various academic departments, as well as from information that is made publicly available by students.  The SBS undergraduate outcomes knowledge rate for 2020 was 60%, though knowledge rate varies among departments.

  • First Destination
  • Top Employers
  • Starting Salary
  • Employment Locations
  • Top Universities
  • Degree Types
  • Fields of Study

First Destination

SBS graduates pursue a range of plans after graduation, including employment, continuing education, and volunteering/service, among others.  This graph depicts what recent SBS graduates tell us they are doing within six months after graduation.

Relevant Courses

COMM 287 – Advertising as Social Communication

COMM 287 – Advertising as Social Communication: This course looks at advertising from the viewpoint of social theory (that is, of how we…

COMM 387 – Media, PR, and Propaganda

COMM 387 – Media, PR, and Propaganda: The historical roots of the PR industry in government propaganda efforts; the contemporary influence of…

JOURNAL 336 – Writing for Public Relations

JOURNAL 336 – Writing for Public Relations: Learn how to translate an institutional mission statement in to various narratives, how to…

SOCIOL 220 – Sociology of American Culture

SOCIOL 220 – Sociology of American Culture: The elements and dynamics of culture everywhere; special reference to Americana. Topics include culture…

ANTHRO 106 – Culture Through Film

ANTHRO 106 – Culture Through Film: Exploration of different societies and cultures, and of the field of cultural anthropology through the…

JOURNAL 235 – Introduction to Public Relations

This course addresses the principles and practices of public relations and strategic communication in the public, private, for-profit and no-profit…

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