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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

SBS strives to foster a college culture and climate that is strongly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence. Details of that commitment are listed below.

We also recognize that students bring their whole selves when they arrive at UMass and that most of us identify with and belong to multiple identity communities. Our College and this campus has various resources that may be relevant to your community connections. This page intends to provide a path to those connections.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Commitment to Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The College is committed to taking action against racism in all forms and fostering an equitable and inclusive learning and working environment. While we have initiated significant steps forward, considerable work remains. We are working to develop an improved climate for everyone in SBS and the UMass community, as part of our commitment.

Social Progress and Justice. SBS has a long and proud tradition of critical inquiry, commitment to social progress and justice, and research and teaching relevant to society’s pressing needs. Whether focused on environmental policy and justice, inequalities related to class, gender, and race, political representation, promoting indigenous rights, use of communication technologies to promote social movements or change the political landscape, better understanding relationships between health and behavior, examining international inequalities or those near home, and myriad others, SBS research is at the forefront in seeking to improve the world.

  • Our Actions: Learn about important directions and priorities, as well as steps the College and its departments, are taking to act on our values. Learn more
  • Diversity by the Numbers: A breakdown of the composition of the college and other diversity related data. Learn more
  • Teaching and Curriculum Resources: Resources for addressing racial inequality and disrupting racism in the classroom. Learn more
  • Resources for Thinking and Acting: Get involved and help build the community of our aspirations that is respectful and inclusive for all. Learn more

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These courses offered by SBS and Linkedin Learning will help you build the skills employers seek.