SBS Pathways

The UMass College of Social & Behavioral Sciences prepares you for lifelong success.

College is about much more than attending class, striving for good grades, and graduating with a job offer or graduate school plans. That’s certainly part of it, but there is so much more to a fulfilling and successful college experience. That’s why we created SBS Pathways.

SBS Pathways is a framework for understanding student success as purposeful engagement with the academic, experiential, and professional development aspects of your college education. It’s also an orientation to student support that offers you multiple forms of guidance as you pursue and integrate the various dimensions of your own personal pathways.

SBS Pathways is an integrated approach to advising, curriculum, and resources designed to guide you through the development of your own goals and vision of success as you:

Explore your academic, personal, and professional interests with a sense of inquiry and purpose
Pursue academic, co‐curricular, experiential, and professional development opportunities that build your unique SBS Pathways through UMass & beyond
Engage in ongoing self‐reflection as an integral component of growth & learning
Learn to recognize, communicate, and apply the vital competencies you develop while at UMass
Build concrete skills and habits of mind to thrive as you transition into college and pursue meaningful work or further study upon graduation


SBS Peer Advising Interns

SBS Pathways Center Peer Advising Interns are SBS students who can provide useful insight into how to plan your SBS Pathways, which include planning for your academic, experiential, and career and professional development opportunities. Our Peer Advisors come from all different places and backgrounds, have various SBS majors, and are sophomores, juniors and seniors. Read their bios below!

Peer Advising drop-in hours are M-W 10-4, and Th/F 10-2 in The SBS Pathways Center in 128 Thompson. You can also submit a question to the peers via the button below.

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Sam Wing

SBS Pathways Peer Advising Interns
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