Search for Jobs and Internships

Now that you’ve done some exploring, and reflecting, it’s time to kick your search into gear.  You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, although you might.  Reading position descriptions is a good way to discover what draws your attention, and what doesn’t.  That can help you narrow things down and get focused.

We’ve got a variety of resources you can use to look for jobs and internships.  Handshake is the UMass Amherst official job search platform, and you already have an account.  Log in with your UMass credentials.  But we recommend using other resources as well – you’ll want to cast a wide net!

And networking is a large part of your search as well.  Who’s in your network?  Family members, friends, friends’ family members, alumni, professors, coaches, staff, supervisors, other students.  All of these people are in your circle, and the more people who know what you are hoping to do, the more likely it is that someone will be able to connect you with an opportunity!

Meet with one of your SBS career advisors to get your strategy in place!  Students who work with a career advisor are far more successful in their job and internship searches than those who try to do it alone.  Schedule with us through Handshake.

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