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Sustainable Community Development

In the Sustainable Community Development major, students can explore a variety of perspectives on creating a more sustainable world through planning and design.  The planning and design of a sustainable world is complex, and this major offers students the opportunity to prepare academically to deal with this complexity by drawing on a variety of disciplinary fields and working at a range of scales.

Undergraduate program options include a Bachelor’s degree and a minor.

Welcome to the Sustainable Community Development Community

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Community Development (SCD) offers opportunities to study many aspects of the built environment from a developmental design and planning point of view. Formerly titled Environmental Design, this program was established in 1966 as a pre-professional undergraduate degree. The name change in the fall of 2014 and the curriculum update in the fall of 2017 reflect the evolving nature of our field, dealing with social, built, and natural environments in their interdependence.

Graduates from the BS-SCD program will be prepared to pursue a professional or higher degree in the various fields related to urban design and planning and to make informed and effective development decisions that can have a lasting impact on the social, built, and natural built environments. The core curriculum broadly exposes students to the theories and techniques of planning and design so that they can understand how human and ecological activities can and do shape a landscape and what is involved in the sustainable development of a city and region. It provides the academic background needed for dealing with a wide range of cultural, social, political, economic and ecological aspects in the design and planning of sustainable communities across multiple scales.

Admission Diversity Fellows Job Opening

Admission Diversity Fellows Job Opening

Position Name: Admission Diversity Fellows

Mission: The Admission Diversity Fellows are a team of 10 undergraduate students who work for the Undergraduate Office of Admissions, and assist the office with the goal to increase the number of underrepresented students on …

By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Adrian Grace
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Advice from an Alum: So it’s the end of the semester….

Seek your pathways

Finals are approaching.

In a perfect world, you have been organized, created a schedule, set achievable goals, studied a little every evening, attended office hours, and found time to exercise, sleep, and socialize.

Or, like I often found myself guilty …

By Samantha La Penna, Class of 2018, Legal Studies & English
Samantha La Penna, Class of 2018, Legal Studies & English Class of 2018, Legal Studies & English
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