Why take SOC BEHAV 250: College to Careers?

Earn Credit & De-Stress Your Career Planning!

  • Learn: How To Get Internships And Jobs
  • Build: Your Network
  • Create: a Polished Resume, Cover letter & LinkedIn Profile
  • Get: Expert Advice in a Student-Friendly Setting

Register for this highly useful and popular one-credit course in SPIRE – SOCBEHAV 250 – SBS College to Careers

What past students have said:

“I felt comfortable enough with myself and my goals to apply for an internship this semester, and I received the position!”

“I had no idea how to start a resume, I did not know what a cover letter was, and I had only heard of LinkedIn a handful of times. I was nervous to even attempt any of these things because I really did not want to mess up.  You taught me how to construct a resume, build a cover letter and LinkedIn, draft an elevator pitch, network and build my professional skills more than I ever could have on my own.”

“I have developed personally and professionally. This course taught me professional etiquette, which was very educational. In addition, I appreciate how you provided realistic examples of a resume, recommendation request, and cover letter. I often experienced anxiety when it came to practicing professionalism and how to best apply for a job/internship because I did not know much about the formal conventions of it before this course. Thank you for showing me.”

SOC BEHAV 250: College to Careers, will be available this fall (M 1:25pm, M 4:00pm, or W 1:25pm). It is a one-credit class open to all SBS students.

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences