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At SBS, you’ll study human behavior through the lens of the social sciences, and you’ll gain deep knowledge about individuals, societies, and cultures to help solve the most pressing issues of the day. The college houses eleven majors, fifteen departments, and an Exploratory Track to help focus your interests. Whatever major you choose, you’ll become a critical thinker, challenging the status quo to impact future generations.

SBS in DC Spotlight: Farah Sabir


Our SBS in DC cohort with Farah in the middle of the front row

As this summer in DC flies by, I’ve been reflecting on the many people who have made an impact …

By Lizette Sta. Maria
Lizette Sta. Maria
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Remote Fall Internships with UMass Communication alumna, Karyn Martin ’01, at Golden Thread Agency!

Are you thrilled by the idea of helping awesome brands create and then spread their message (while selling more product)? Do you want to learn shortcuts to devising winning client branding strategies and successful PR campaigns? Do you feel you …

By Rachel Noto
Rachel Noto Assistant Director of Field Experience and Employer Engagement Rachel Noto
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Accelerated Master’s Degree Programs at UMass

An accelerated Master’s degree option is an explicit arrangement of graduate admissions and courses and other requirements to enable a student to complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and a specified Master’s degree in less calendar time than would …

By Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace Adrian Grace
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The law school application process should ideally begin about a year and a half before you intend to start law …

Law School Application Check List

The Check List for Fall 2022 Admission is organized topically. Click here to get the same list organized chronologically.

This …

Law School Application Time Line

This recommended Time Line for Fall 2022 admission assumes that you will complete and submit your applications by Thanksgiving-ish 2021.

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