Vinayak Rao’15
  • Vinayak Rao is a UMass SBS graduate of the class of 2015, where he majored in Communication with a focus on Film & Media studies. Upon graduation, he worked for a start up called Graphiq (formerly FindTheBest) in Santa Barbara, CA where he worked in advertising, sales & revenue strategy. Graphiq was acquired by Amazon in 2017 and two months prior to the acquisition completing, he took a role in Agency Partnerships at Facebook in Austin, TX and worked on developing strong relations with medium to large scale agencies including Edelman & IPG. A lifelong gamer, he transitioned to Facebook’s Gaming Partnerships team in San Francisco, CA where he works on launching new products to the gaming industry globally and negotiating bespoke agreements between Facebook and developers & publishers, such as Electronic Arts, 2K Games & Warner Brothers.Vinayak encourages you to connect with him on Linkedin – make sure to include a note so he knows who you are and why you want to connect!