Business/Finance/Tech sectors recruiting starts now for both summer ’24 and seniors graduating in May

Different industries recruit at different times of year!

If you are seeking a career in the business and/or tech sectors, start paying attention NOW, and getting your materials ready to apply for job and internship opportunities in the next few months.  The bulk of the corporate recruiting cycles take place in September and October, or sooner, and you need to be ready!  AND you should never wait for the deadline to apply. As soon as you see a position of interest, get your materials ready, get them reviewed by your career advisors, and submit.  Waiting for the deadline looks like procrastination to the employer, and this is not a good first impression.

In addition to keeping your eye on Handshake, SBS majors are able to attend the Isenberg School of Management‘s Career Days One and Two on Sept. 26th and 27th.  Check the employer lists in Handshake to develop your plan. You must have your resume reviewed first, and get prepared for the fair in advance.  You are likely a strong candidate for many of the roles these employers are hiring for, AND you are competing with Isenberg students for these roles, and you must do your homework to make yourself competitive.

The Tech Jobs & Internships Career Fair is on October 5th, and that’s another great option for you. Most companies have something to do with technology these days, so this is a good fair for you to attend. The majority of SBS grads work in the tech sector in some capacity!

Information Sessions – both virtual and in person – are an important piece of the corporate recruiting process!  Employers take attendance at these events, and your attendance is noted as part of your complete application package.  Students who attend info sessions have an advantage over students who don’t.  Your time is probably limited, so when time is tight, choose to attend the info sessions of your top picks, and attend the others if your time allows.  As we stated above – the bulk of these recruiting events take place early in the fall semester, so you will be quite busy then, and then things will ease.  Keep an eye on your events feed for info sessions, fairs, and employer office hours of interest.

Need help prepping for all of this?  Make an appointment with one of your career advisors, via your Handshake account.  Go to the Career Center tab on your Handshake dashboard, and select appointments.

Here’s the recruiting timeline for the various employment sectors SBS students are most likely to enter after graduation.

By Carol Sharick
Carol Sharick Director of Career and Professional Development for Undergraduates, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences