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The bedrock of SBS is our impassioned, inspired, and intellectually diverse faculty. We’re renowned for innovative and interactive teaching methods and our ability to introduce research into the classroom. Our emphasis is teaching students to not only observe the world with a critical eye, but to engage with it in meaningful ways. In a large university setting, our classes are typically small, with a student/professor ratio of 16:1.

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Why UX Research Might Be the Perfect Career for You—and How to Get Started

I never thought I’d become a user experience (UX) researcher when I was in college—in large part because I didn’t even know the role existed! I happily stumbled upon the role while working at an eight-person startup where I had …

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3 Easy Resume Tips And Tricks From An Entry-Level Recruiting Expert

“Whenever I get a stack of resumes, I throw half of them in the trash. I sure don’t want unlucky people on my team,” said no hiring manager ever…but sometimes it can feel that way when you’re hunting for jobs.

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