Luviana Mclean’23, is a Landscape Designer at Stantec, and global design firm and engineering consultancy.  As a landscape designer at Stantec, Luviana will be collaborating with others from multidisciplinary backgrounds to design community driven projects. This will include parks, plazas, complete streets, etc., where they will analyze the existing site in order to propose both a functional and aesthetic design.  Luviana interned at Stantec in the summer of 2022, where she says she was able to polish her professional skills and eventually gain a full-time position after graduation. She transferred to UMass with an associates degree from Wala Wala University in product design, and says the graphic skills and knowledge that she came prepared with were incredibly helpful in her success. Luviana says all of her undergraduate involvements helped shape her to be an active student at UMass where she was able to exercise skills such as communication, critical thinking, and team work.

While at UMass, Luviana:

  • was a member of the LARP department’s BSLA Student Chapter. As a member of the social media team, she attended weekly collaborative meetings, managed the BSLA Instagram, and used her graphic skills to produce posters that highlighted BSLA hosted events.
  • was the LARP department’s representative to the SBS Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC), where she met with the Dean and undergraduate student representatives from the other SBS departments to discuss the undergraduate experience and perspectives on issues and initiatives under discussion at the university, and to bring ideas and concerns to the table.
Work Experience
New Haven, CT
Career, Environment / Natural Resources / Sustainability, Landscape Architecture
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