Samantha Curnyn’s first job post-UMass is with Avangrid Renewables in Portland, Oregon within their Global Graduate program. This program entails four rotations within the company to become a well rounded full time employee after two years in the program. One of Sam’s rotations will be an international rotation with Iberdrola, the parent company, in Spain. Her role as a planning analyst for the Optimization and Digital Transformation department includes managing a portfolio of tech projects for all areas of the company. In this role, she ensures that these projects align with the company goals. She also does project management within this portfolio, analyzes the cost savings of implementing new projects, and ensures the team keeps to their budget.

Sam says: During my time at UMass, my internship confirmed my passion for sustainability and encouraged me to get a job in the renewable energy industry. My experience studying abroad also motivated me to seek out another experience where I can work internationally.  The iCons Community Solar Development course also really prompted me to be where I am today and gave me a lot of the skills necessary to succeed in my current role.

While at UMass, Sam:

  • interned with UMass Dining’s Sustainability Team
  • was a member of the SBS Dean’s Student Advisory Council
  • studied abroad in Scandinavia
Work Experience
  • Planning Analyst - Global Graduate Program
  • Avangrid Renewables
Portland, Oregon
Business / Entrepreneurship / Management / Consulting, Career, Environment / Natural Resources / Sustainability, Resource Economics
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