FUTURE NOW Media Foundation

FUTURE NOW Media Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, whose mission is to build future leaders in media and entertainment. We are a leadership incubator, and we engage, mentor, train and connect college and graduate students and recent graduates to become the best and brightest future leaders in every sector of the media and entertainment industry, including in BUSINESS, CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY.

Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA and organic to our mission. We believe in providing equal opportunity, exposure, and access to advancement for the next generation and future generations of business leaders, technologists, content creators, storytellers, journalists, and creative artists. We know that investing in future leaders today will ensure a better future for everyone.  

We envision a strong, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community of future leaders in the media and entertainment industry, who stand for integrity and excellence.

Our premier annual FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference (FNMEC) is designed to give students the opportunity to hear directly from today’s top executives, thought leaders, and professionals in the industry, connect, network, and be mentored by them.

​In addition to the conference, FUTURE NOW produces quarterly and monthly meet-ups, educational training, talks, workshops, and mentoring and networking opportunities throughout the year.

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